I am a performer/writer for LOST CAT PROJECT; a new play in development as part of The Starting Blocks scheme at Camden People's Theatre, in partnership with North London Cares. LCP is supported by ACE England. 

In March 2021, Lou shot a documentary which they now cannot show to anyone. It’s about the time they found a missing cat poster, rang the number on it and got through to a 70 year old photographer called Jack. Lou and Jack shot this film about Jack and his hunt for his cat, Iccy, as well as Jack’s unusual life as a successful artist and self proclaimed ‘grumpy old fart’. Lou and Jack don’t speak anymore. But this live docu-comedy exists to question how we might be able to bridge intergenerational divides in the future . It contains biased journalism, auto-tune storytelling and scenes of a feline nature.  

Written by Louisa Doyle and Kendra Miller 

Directed by Kendra Miller 

Dramaturgy by Jess Haygarth

Work in Progress/Residencies 


Engine Room, Omnibus Theatre (April 2022) Sprint Festival, Camden People's Theatre (2022)

Starting Blocks Recipient (2022)

Sunday Skool for Misfits Dissenters and Experimenters (2021) 

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